Pattaya City
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Go-Go bar experience


It was about 9pm when my friend and I got out of Diamond beach hotel. The hotel is in south Pattaya and is within walking distance to "Walking street". All set and ready to get a hang of the nightlife in Thailand. Walking street was all up and running by 9pm. We could see loads of people walking around, many foreigners hanging out at the bar.

We decided to drink a little bit at the bar near by, before we go around looking for girls. We were wrong; we didn't have to look for girls at all. They were all over us at the bar; believe it or not they wanted us to buy them drinks, a glass of Coke that would cost us 100 Baht each. After all the talking and fooling around we thought, its time we experience the Go-Go bar.

I got into one of the Go-Go bar; there are so many Go-Go bars in South Pattaya that you need not look around much. As soon as we got in, there were girls coming to sit with us. After about 5 minutes of talking, again they wanted us to buy them drink. I think they get some kind of commission or something.

The girls were dancing half naked, they had their top off. Touching and feeling them is ok, they don't seem to mind. We were around for quite long, there was a lady that kept coming and asking us to pay the bar fine to take the girl out. 

Well, it works this way. You get into a Go-Go bar. You meet a girl that you think you would want to sleep with. You have to pay a bar find, usually it is about 500 Baht to the lady who takes care of all these girls, called "Mama Sung".

Now once the girl is allowed to go out with you, you negotiate the price for a night with her. This can be from anywhere between 1500 - 2500 Baht. 

That night I got lucky, so did my friend. When we got to the room, the girls ask for money in advance. We had to pay them before. I did not sleep properly that night until she left in the morning. I was trying to stay awake all the while because I have heard story of the girl, stealing your money and stuff and leave you before you wake up. 

It is a hard life for these girls and they will try to do anything to get money. Most of the girls that work in Go-Go bars come from the poorer north eastern region (The Thai called this region "Isaan") of Thailand.

If suppose you get caught in a relationship with these girls, which is very much possible. Be sure that all they're trying to do is not taking your money.