Pattaya City
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Finding a girl for the night in Pattaya

You’ve come to Pattaya for the beaches and food and culture right? No you haven’t, admit it, you’ve come for the girls! It’s OK, many other men have too, that’s one of Pattaya’s key attractions. And the good news is, you’ll more than likely go home with some fun memories with one or more sexy girls. It doesn’t cost that much either.

Pattaya is Thailand’s sex capital – it also has other tourist attractions – and not only does it attract punters by the busload but also plenty of young sexy girls who come here to earn a living off the visitors. It all happens in a pretty open and honest way that is tolerated by the typically accepting way that Thai officials approach law enforcement. Everyone in Pattaya understands the deal.

Pattaya has been a place for visiting men to meet girls since thousands of GIs on R&R from Vietnam started coming in the sixties and the city owes its prosperity to the girls. Therefore, by the time you get here, forty years of sex tourism would have shaped Pattaya and the system is well developed for the maximum benefit of both the punter and girl. It is less sleazy than your average city red light district, far more relaxed and friendly, cheaper and open for business.

Girls calling customer to the Gogo Bars
Girls calling customer to the Gogo Bars

First, finding a girl in Pattaya is easier than finding a tourist map! There are whole areas packed with bars full of girls, both during the day and evening and you can literally walk out of your hotel and have a companion within 30 minutes, no complications, rip offs or misunderstandings. Of course, remember that these girls are earning money and should be treated with respect and dignity. Also Pattaya is a vacation town for many regular people who haven’t come for the sex and wish to enjoy it without sleaze everywhere they look, so be mindful of that.

Areas where you will find girls include; the lanes between Beach road and second road – really can’t miss them, along the famous Walking Street, selected lanes in Jomtien, Body massage and some karaoke venues further out nearer the Sukhumwit road, in discos and in some of the hotels ‘massage services’ (not all massage ladies are ‘available’ but some services are set up exactly for that).

The easiest first step for finding a girl in Pattaya is to wander among the beer bars of the sois (lanes) off Beach Road. It has a festive atmosphere, the girls might accost you with ‘hello, Welcome’, but mostly they are harmless. Away from this ‘party central’ you will find less ‘in your face’ beer bar areas where you can sit and enjoy a drink while sizing up the girls, without any obligation to buy ladies drinks. The girls vary from very young and very sexy (costing 20 euros and up) to the tired has-beens in the quieter bars (costing as little as 10 euros out of season).

The sexiest girls are found in the go go bars, which are more discreet and not opened up to the street-front. Here you will find girls in bikinis, sometimes topless or even naked dancing on the stage and these too can be taken home, but they are more expensive (40 euros and up). The atmosphere here is less down to earth and these girls are ‘in it for the money’. There is another level of girl altogether which is provided by private escort services, which can be ordered over the internet and come directly to your room – they are true professionals but are over-priced. If you need to be discreet this is one option.

Bar along Walking Street in Pattaya
There are many bars along Walking Street, like this one.

You can also go to body massage and karaoke bars (ask the taxi driver), if you are sneaking away from your wife for the evening. Here you get to select a lady from behind a ‘fishbowl’ and for about 30 euros you get two hours of bath, massage, soapy ‘experience’ and sex. But be warned, these women go with a lot of men and the whole thing is rather ‘mechanical’. A better bet is the karoake bars with lots of pretty women outside to choose from, and they cost about 5 euros an hour to be your hostess on comfy sofas and often can be taken out to a short time motel or back to your hotel, but these girls like to think of themselves as premium and charge a lot more (40 euros about).

Then there are the freelancers who work outside of the bars for the freedom. These girls can be cheaper and often more fun since some of them are just regular girls or students looking for a fun evening with a handsome foreigner who will give them some pocket money. They haven’t slept with dozens of men and become bored with sex, so can be more genuine. Some hang out on the promenade along beach road. You will also meet them in the discos a lot.

How much does a girl cost, and how do you make the deal?

So, how do you come to a deal with these girls and how much will it cost. Well, how much it all costs depends very much on how you approach the evening. A lot of money can be wasted on beer and bar girl drinks. For example, you can walk straight up to a freelancer on Beach Road and take her away for ‘short time’ for about 10 euros. On the other hand you can end up with a big drinks bill, unreasonable ‘bar fine’ and over-priced girl, totalling 100 euros if you don’t pay attention.

First, take a walk around the beer bar areas, ignore the invites, get an idea of the place and then stop off for a a bit of a ‘pub crawl’, having a drink in several bars so you have a chance to sit and observe the girls and see which catch your fancy. Take the time to observe their character and see if they are going to be genuine fun in bed.

Beer Bars in Pattaya
Beer bars in Walking street, usually beer bars has atleast 1 pool table.

A quickie
If you want to cut to the chase you can go straight up to a girl and ask her quietly how much – but she’ll sense you are a rookie and try to charge you more. The emptier the bar and later it is in the evening the cheaper they get (coming down from their opening gambit of 50 euros or more to 25 euros or less.) It’s better to sit and drink with them, let them flirt with you, get to know them, buy them a few drinks so they get a little drunk. Bear in mind ‘lady drinks’ cost a little more, but this is Thailand and the prices won’t shock you. Typically the ‘chit’ for your drinks are deposited in a small holder on your table or the bar, so you can check to see if the drinks prices in that particular bar aren’t a ripoff. On average, a drink in Pattaya should cost about 2 euros or less.

Bargaining and all
When you’re ready to go home you can quietly ask her to come back with you and agree a price. Expect an opening gambit between 1000 and 2500 baht, but you can usually get them down by a third or more. She’s in it for the money and will seldom turn you down unless you’re obnoxious, overly stingy or weigh three times more than her! Now comes the negotiation and she’ll try to get as much as she can, so try to act like an old hand, don’t show off your wealth, and take your time. Be prepared to ‘walk away’ as this often changes their outrageous demands. Some bar girls can really think too much of themselves and be relatively poor value compared a slightly less beauty in the next bar. It is a shame to pass them up after investing several hours and a 1000 bar drinks bill in them, too bad.

Pattaya prices
Pattaya girls are good value, cheaper than Bangkok or Phuket but equally as attractive. Remember too that they have some dignity selling their body and in our opinion shouldn’t be paid less than 20 euros (although some of the unattractive girls will agree to half of this if it’s slow and they are desperate – try not to take advantage of them). For this you can expect them to come back to your hotel for the whole night and have sex with you the following morning too. But if you want to go at it all night they’ll expect a good tip. Others will try to dupe you by re-negotiating for each session and even for unusual requests, use your judgement but don’t stand for a tricky girl. Show her the door and refuse to pay! She’ll change her attitude quickly.

Short time
If the girl is ‘expensive’ but you’re dead set on her, you can agree a cheaper price for ‘short time’ which means she goes home the moment you cum – sometimes this isn’t a bad option to afford a really sexy girl, and saves you the hassle of putting up with her in the morning. A short time can cost as little as 10 euros, but it depends on how sexy the girl thinks she is, or how ‘slow’ the evening has been. Many girls will try and talk you into more nights and want to tag on to your whole holiday. It’s up to you, if she’s a nice girl and worth it as a vacation companion she’ll be cheaper by the week. But beware, some will talk you into ‘shopping trips’, become bored and disinterested or even rip you off. It’s better to keep your options open for other ladies.

Bar fines
Now, time to go home. The fee for the girls isn’t the only money you have to pay. Once you’ve privately agreed on a rate you can pay the bill and the bar fine. Bar fine? What’s that? Every beer bar in Thailand charges you to ‘take the lady out the bar’, this is how they make their money. It ranges from 5 euros to 10 euros – and you are advised to immediately enquire discreetly what the fine is when you sit down in a place , 10 euros is a bit of a rip off. Sometimes the fine is negotiable (the girl will agree to reduce her own fee to compensate – and she probably gets a cut of the bar fine anyway). Sometimes, if the girl really likes you and wants to go, and you appear undecided and its late, she’ll suggest meeting you in a disco after hours (no bar fine!).

Hotel fees
So, you pay your bill – inclusive of the bar fine – and leave with the girl. You can take her anywhere, to a restaurant, a disco, the beachfront or back to your hotel. At the hotel she’ll need to leave her ID at reception and some hotels might have a policy to charge you extra for the ‘unregistered guest’ so check this first. However, some hotels like to think they are respectable but will take your money anyway. This means, they will try to charges to more (10 to 20 euros) for bringing back an unregistered guest. Unless this was pointed out to you when you checked in, then simply make noise and refuse, usually they will back off. Afterall, this is Pattaya where hotels are for sex.

What you get for your money
Up in the room she’ll probably suddenly become a little shy, but will mostly insist on a shower first (you should too – Thais are fastigious about personal hygiene, especially on humid sweaty nights), after that it’s all up to your imagination. Unless you’ve agreed to a ‘short time’ gig, they will have unlimited sex with you, certainly a second shag in the morning. But it depends on the girl, some will pretend to be too worn out, or ask for more – never be afraid to stop half way through and show her the door if she’s taking advantage. On the other hand, it’s fair to tip them well if you’ve cum four or five times. For short time, once you cum it’s all over and she’ll expect to leave, even if it only lasted 5 minutes.

Paying up
In the morning, she’ll politely hang around and wait for you to pay her, even having breakfast with you. Pay her privately and she’ll leave. TIP! Make sure you have the correct money (lots of 100 baht bills) because she’ll not have change and expect to keep it as a tip. One final warning. Always agree on the price before you take her home. Some girls will agree to go and not even mention a price, this is flattering and sometimes they are real sweethearts and take care of your completely without even demanding first to know how much you’ll pay. Don’t take advantage. On the other hand some are really stupid and take you for a fool, demanding an outrageous fee when it comes pay time, then getting the sulks when you offer a more realistic rate.

Remember, they’re in it for the money!