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Pattaya vs Bangkok (Nightlife Comparison)


Pattaya and Bangkok are two of the world’s most popular destinations for single male tourists. Both are unique in their own way and have a lot to offer to any male tourist that enjoys the pleasures of the Adult Go-Go bar scene. Here is a list of some differences between both hedonistic adult playgrounds. You decide which is best for you!

Nana Plaza in Bangkok and Walking Street in Pattaya
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It is estimated that Pattaya has over 8000 go-go bars, blowjob bars, beer bars, and other adult establishments making it an adult Disneyland for male tourists.

It is also estimated that there are over 150,000 girls working the bar scene in Pattaya!

Aside from the popular sois in Pattaya ( soi 6, soi 7 and soi 8, Walking Street and Beach Road ) there are also a lot of sois that have become popular attractions. For example, soi Buakaow, the Northern part of Pattaya, Third Road and its very popular ‘Buffalo Bar’ and so forth.

Pattaya has less traffic than Bangkok and it is easier to get around Pattaya riding on a bahtbus than it is on a tuk tuk in Bangkok .

Although not as nice, Pattaya has an ok beach that provides jet skis and other water activities for male tourists.

For all the “Cheap Charlies,” Pattaya is definitely cheaper than Bangkok including accommodation, go-go bars, beer bars, barfines and ladies drinks.

Pattaya has less pollution than Bangkok .

Pattaya has more of a laid back atmosphere than Bangkok .

Despite the government crackdowns regarding early closing time in Bangkok , there is always a go-go bar, beer bar, disco or other establishment open in Pattaya regardless of early closing enforcement in Bangkok .


Bangkok is an exciting city that has amazing attractions like its temples and markets especially the weekend market as well as the adult nightlife all mixed into one.

Bangkok has more massage parlors than Pattaya.

Bangkok has the very popular ‘Eden Club’ – the only establishment of its kind!

Bangkok has the very popular ‘Nana Disco’ full of girls both inside and outside of the club always looking for a ‘date.’

Bangkok has some upscale discos like the Q-Bar.

Bangkok definitely has a lot more beautiful women than Pattaya!

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As you can see both Bangkok and Pattaya have their share of differences. But one thing that is for sure, both Pattaya and Bangkok have a lot Adult Entertainment that provides a lot of Bargirls, a lot of Booze and a lot of SEXXX for single males!