Pattaya City
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Tropical Moscow (Russian sex workers in Pattaya)


I see hordes of Russian hookers dressed in “K-Mart” sexy clothes making a circuit on Walking Street

There’s also a Russian night club on walking street with “European” dancers.

The “European” dancers actually look decent but they and the management have incredible attitude. They all managed to obtain work permits.

I had a trusted friend do a reconnaissance inside the club for me. He ordered a draft, sat and checked out the club. The Russian manager brusquely told him he had to bar fine a girl as the club was not just for drinking. My friend told him to back off and not be such a jerk.

Apparently it’s a paltry 7000 baht for a private lap-dance, no boom-boom, no smoking. The management obviously think their club’s located in Moscow not Pattaya and price accordingly!

The club’s main clientele seems to consist of Taiwanese/ Japanese tour groups plus the occasional Russian. Most savvy expats and visitors give it a wide berth.

To be fair I’ve not been tempted to bar fine any of those Russian hookers. My impression is that a streetwalker is supposed to entice prospective clients with “come hither” looks and smiles. Instead I sense there attitude a mile away and my smiles are met with sneers of contempt.

Most are built like “Mack” trucks, a rookie Thai bar girl dresses better. Again the only clients who seek after them are Japanese/Taiwanese who want a Caucasian bar girl (for some odd reason).

Not sure why as a Japanese girl simply licking her lips conveys more heat and passion than the crassest American porno.

Not sure why those girls bother to work here as they are no competition with the average Thai bar girl.

They are no bargain apparently starting at 4000 short time. Perhaps it’s the lack of snow and the famous Russian winter that defeated Napoleon’s army that keeps them here. Reminds me of that old joke about a farang having a sudden desire for a Caucasian lover.

Bar fine a Russian hooker with the snottiest attitude and poor taste in clothes.

Hire a limo to take you both to “Gian’s” or “Pan Pan” for dinner and then “Ray’s Place” for drinks. Buy her copious amounts of “Stolichnaya” with imported caviar along side. Have the limo take her to her room. Walk her to the door, awkwardly shake hands, say you had a good time then go back to your room and beat off.