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Pattaya First Time Visitors Advice


I have just returned from PATTAYA and the experience was the most PHENOMINAL I have ever experienced. My name is Stuart Mills from Australia age 47.

My stay was one as would be treated as royalty by the people of this friendly environment.

I stayed only a very short time and during this period, I was given many insights in a very positive way to the people and the culture of this land.

With 3 inch mini skirts abounding in greatest of quantity, men will never be of the experience of loneliness among these most beautiful ladies that are simply put, MODELS and SUPER MODELS and are eager to treat a man as a man should be treated, as long as you respect the ladies and yourself, anything your desires can wish for with these ladies will be possible.

But please use common sense as they are looking for the most part, not all of them, but for the most part of them at you as a WALKING TELLER MACHINE so if you do fall in love, which will happen, then please be very careful at your choice of partner.

I have found that the more mature ladies will treat you not so much better but with more cultural caring, as they have been through the corridors of time and experiences  and definitely know the ropes and because there is so much competition within the ladies then the more mature realise this and they are more willing to be with you in a relationship for you and not just your wallet, please, some of the younger ladies are of this quality as well,  but for the most part if you find a lady about 28 to 35, then she will definitely know the ropes and know how to treat a man.

I say this with all respect to all the ladies of Pattaya. (yes they are ladies so treat them as such and they will treat you as a king. Disrespect them and believe me you will know the wroth of them)

A point to remember as well is to barter, with the ladies as this I have found is to be expected, and never come down more than half the price they initially ask 

(The prices are cheap anyway and yes, they have to live as you and I do so please be fair when you do barter, these people are so poor so do not take advantage too much as this will offend them as it would offend you if you had a family to feed in this country and you were from this country.. simply put, be fair and they will recipricate in same.

DENTAL... Wow this is a beauty, Ii went to my dentist here in Australia in March 2006, (This year and enquired on dental work I required, simply in Australia for the same dental work $25,000) Screw in teeth needed (5 of them , $5000 each tooth)

Pattaya price only $ 3000 TOTAL for the same work done, so if you need any dental work done, and you can wait for your visit to the dentist then definitely wait as the savings are phenomenal.

$ 25,000 or $ 3000   ( hmmmm don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out.!)

OK food in Australia example ...T Bone steak salad and chips plus 2 scotch and coke, cost approx in Australia about $ 40 for this meal and beverage.

In Pattaya, approx ...$3 (YES I did say 3)

Once again rocket science is not my forte but hey I have been there so you decide!

If this is only your 1st trip then you will find you will have a magnificent time if you forget Western Culture, (took me about a week)

DO NOT wear or take expensive jewellery with you when you go out as this will only attract the POSSIBLE wrong type of person along your journey. Lock all valuables in the hotel safe and make sure they secure it in the safe within an envelope and get them to put tape over the seal and then sign the seal tape. It is simply a safety precaution for anywhere you wish to travel, even within your own country.

OK enough of all that.

Go enjoy, relax, do your own thing. So long as She or He is over 16, they do have laws there too and are very stringent and NO DRUGS, repeat "NO DRUGS AT ALL", check with your doctor before you leave your country of origin as you may be able to get a letter from your doctor for prescriptions only but even then they may be confiscated.

If you like the inside of prison instead of your hotel room or maybe even death for just a quarter of a matchbox of marijuana. Yes, death, bullet, not breathing then please do no blame anybody but yourself because you are the dickhead for taking illegal drugs into paradise.

Don't muck it up for your death. So declare every prescriptions at customs before you depart your country.

All aside from all the gory stuff and things you must be aware of you will find, the people and places of Thailand, Pattaya are there for your greatest pleasures to enjoy, so have a great time.

I am retiring there, in a few months time. I only came back to Australia to work so I can go back to the place I now call home...." PATTAYA"