Pattaya City
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Soapy Massage Parlours


Usually more popular with Thai men and Asian tourists, soapy massage parlours are beginning to attract more and more farang these days. Most westerners are usually content with taking a girl from a bar or a gogo, but if you really want to treat yourself on a trip to Pattaya the soapy massage comes highly recommended.

The great thing about these massage parlours is the quantity – and quality – of girls on offer. Once entering the premises you will be escorted to what is known as the fish-bowl – a glass window that showcases all the girls on offer. Depending on the time of day, there are sometimes up to a hundred girls on the other side of the window, all sitting there vying for your attention.

Here’s the difficult part: Sit down on a comfortable couch with a drink and pick one you like. All the girls have numbers attached to them. When you’ve spotted one that takes your fancy, just tell the manager which number (or numbers if you really want to splash out and treat yourself). If there’s something specific you’re looking for in a girl don’t be shy to ask the manager which girls are good at what etc.

The manager will then call the girl out, you will pay the fee, and she will escort you to a room. Once inside, the girl will run the water for the tub. She will then undress you, and then herself. In the tub, she will proceed to give you a thorough cleaning all over.

After this you will get out and she’ll dry you off. It’s then over to the rubber mat. Now for the soapy! Your girl will now instruct you to lie on your front, and then she will soap you all over again, this time sliding her body up and down yours. Turn onto your back and she will continue the same heavenly process down your front.

Afterwards, she’ll dry you off again, and then guide you to the bed for the finale. The whole session lasts between 2-3 hours, and rates vary from 1000baht to 2000baht, depending on the venue.

Because of the respectable image Pattaya tries to portray to tourists, some of the parlours are not so easy to find. Sabailand on the corner of Second Road and Soi3 has a lot of good-looking ladies to choose from, as does Susie round the corner on Soi 4. PP Massage on Third Road also has a good selection of ladies, but pick your times wisely as it can get very busy here.

Try to get there before 8pm when the tour buses begin to arrive.

OK, now you know where to go and what to expect, go get that soapy massage!